SINCE 1970

Our Story

In the charming town of Porto de Mós, Portugal, Isabel, after more than 30 years as school staff, decided to change her career and founded Isabel Atelier.

With a love for heritage and craftsmanship, she began making unique, handmade bags, blending traditional Portuguese art with modern styles.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create distinctive, handmade bags that combine traditional Portuguese artisanship with modern style, using premium bamboo for sustainable elegance.

Each limited-edition bag reflects our meticulous craftsmanship, eco-friendly focus, and dedication to the principles of slow fashion.

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  • Sustainable Elegance

    Our bags blend luxury with eco-consciousness, using sustainably sourced materials like 100% natural fibres and premium bamboo.

  • One Bag at a Time

    Each piece is carefully handmade in limited numbers, preserving traditional techniques while ensuring sustainability and distinctiveness.

  • Artisanal Heritage

    Each piece is a tribute to our artisanal heritage, showcasing the skill and artistry of traditional methods in a contemporary form.